Fendigo at a Glance

About Fendigo

Fendigo, a veterinary pharmaceutical company operating in the Benelux, was created in 1995. Our philosophy is based on sales and marketing of veterinary and health products for pets, farm animals, horses and poultry.

By a wide portfolio of products Fendigo repond to the actual needs of veterinarians, farmers and other parties of the animal health sector.

Fendigo's headquarters is located in the center of Belgium, in Brussels, a few steps from the forest de Soignes. Our second office is located in Helmond in the Netherlands.

Fendigo is a part of Alivira Animal Health Limited (a subsidiary of Sequent Scientific Ltd) a global pharmaceutical company, in the Animal Health segment, with an integrated platform in both APIs (active pharmaceutical products) and Formulations.

About Alivira Animal Health

Alivira Animal Health Limited is India's 1st Global integrated animal health company specialising in the manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients(APIs) and finished dosage formulations.

Our logotype is inspired by nature and its different forms and shapes. From a microscopic view to the skin texture, footprint of a chosen animal. The circular shape evokes the idea of protection and control. It’s a closed and perfect shape that is naturally balanced, reminiscing the brand idea “Animals source of health”

Pronounced A-lee-vee-rah. The name is a variant of two Latin words Elvira, word for ‘white, pure, clean’ and Alleviare, word for ‘relief’. It speaks about our commitment to improving animal’s life and well-being at every stage. We are Alivira!

Alivira Animal Health Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Sequent Scientific Limited, a company listed in India on the Bombay Stock Exchange of India(BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India(NSE)

Our focus on R&D is taking us even further, and we are committed to applying cutting-edge resources to improve health and well-being at every stage of animals’ lives. All along our processes, we are committed to quality, but moreover, we are to safety. That is our guarantee for effective medicines.

Over the last 20 years, we have become one of the world’s leading producers of APIs & amongst few dedicated integrated veterinary companies in the world.

Commitment to world class quality standards & compliance

Emerged as India's first global animal health company within 3 years of operations

First USFDA approved veterinary API facility in India

Presence in 95+ countries with 6 manufacturing facilities and 4 R&D centres

475+ products across 12 dosage forms